Farmington Hills, MI - Yessian Music composer Danny Beckerman's 1999 spot for the Ford Motor Company featuring Charlotte Church has made it into the Guinness World Records. The two-minute spot, entitled "Just Wave Hello," broke on November 1, 1999 and was written for Ford Motor Company. The certificate was awarded to Ford for airing the "Global Anthem advertisement on over 140 pan-regional or local market networks in a world record 190 countries simultaneously on 1 November 1999."

Additionally, the spot, "Just Wave Hello" won the first prize award at the recent London International Awards for "Best Original Music Scoring with Lyrics."

The spot, which the Aussie-Brit Beckerman wrote for Ford, was the brainchild of Ted Powell (Global Creative Director J.Walter Thompson). Looking for a song but not a jingle to celebrate the Millennium, the music he wanted had to have a universal appeal and be passionate in nature.

Beckerman presented the client with a song that was classical in approach, world-infused in execution, and with a soprano singing the lead. Powell loved it and presented the idea to Ford who gave the thumbs-up to begin pre-production. When the music was finalized, adolescent opera prodigy Charlotte Church was approached to be the voice on the anthem. She loved the song and agreed to not only sing it, but also to appear on-camera in the tv campaign.

The two-minute commercial, a rarity to begin with in terms of length, is considered to be one of the most wide-reaching and expensive spots to ever be produced by one advertiser at one time. On original airing alone, it reached an estimated 1 billion viewers. The project was two years in the making and intended to say hello and goodbye to the new and old millenniums.

Beckerman than lengthened the commercial into a full length song. The song version of "Just Wave Hello" has not faired badly either. Appearing on Church's second CD, entitled "Charlotte Church," the album, released in November 1999, has sold platinum in both the UK and US.

"It was a great thrill to be the only living composer on Charlotte Church's album," says Beckerman. "I'm keeping company with such greats as Puccini, Handel, Mozart, Bach, Gershwin and Rossini."

Danny Beckerman joined Yessian Music a in the summer of 1999. A former resident of Melbourne (he was one of Australia's most sought-after composers), he has relocated to Farmington Hills, Michigan, where Yessian Music's main facility is located. Beckerman has won numerous awards for advertising music including Clios, Lions, Mobious' and Addys.

"Danny incorporates a global feel to the music he writes," says Brian Yessian. "Each of his compositions tells a dramatic story."

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