For the second time the METROPOL theater (Adress below) is presenting a Bernard Herrmann session including a workshop with filmmusic-composer BENJAMIN BARTLETT, who was responsible for the multipart BBC-TV show "DINOSAURS". During the whole day, Herrmanns movie-scores are discussed and analysed. Besides many film-presentations of Herrmann, we will see the full movies "Sindbads Seven Voyages" and "the Naked and the Dead". And that for a fee nearly unbelievable. Approx. 20,-DM (10,-$) is much to cheap for the opportunity to ask a real filmmusic composer all the questions you ever wanted to ask.

The event starts @ 11.00 a.m on January 6, 2001.
@ 15.00h "Sindbads 7 voyages"
@ 23.30 "The Naked and the Dead"
Between the movies you can talk with composer B.Bartlett and of course with all the filmmusic fans who are smart enough not to miss this event.

I just can tell you that the first event some weeks ago was very interesting and included the movies "Sinuhe the Egypt" and a DVD Version to Taxi-Driver (first time on german cinema-screen in stereo)

Brunnenstr 20
Duesseldorf, NRW
+49-211 349709