Varèse Sarabande Records released a limited edition CD (1,000 units) of the Enough Said – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack available for sale on the Varèse Sarabande website on March 12, 2014. The soundtrack, which was previously released digitally by Fox Music, features the original score composed by Marcelo Zarvos (The Words, Ray Donovan).

"This was my second collaboration with [director] Nicole Holofcener," said Zarvos of Enough Said. "The score had to navigate a delicate balance of the comedic and dramatic aspects of the film with instrumentation ranging from a small folk ensemble to orchestral. A master of blending comedy and emotion Nicole really wanted the music to feel unified … but not too traditional."

"The score gradually shifts from percussive melodies to a more intimate and lyrical approach," Zarvos described. "We introduce a waltz and even a slow bluesy bossa while cues get longer and deeper, with fuller orchestrations. As with all the great Holofcener characters it was crucial that we felt Eva's journey with all of its highs, lows and soulful imperfections."

Brazilian-born Marcelo Zarvos burst onto the indie film landscape in the 2000s with his scores for Kissing Jessica Stein and The Door in the Floor. His trademark is a seamless blend of classical, orchestral, rock, electronic and various ethnic and folk elements, which together create a uniquely affecting and emotionally charged music. Zarvos was named one of the 25 New Faces of Indie Film in 2004 by FilmMaker Magazine.