Kim Planert, an award-winning film and television composer, became a Gold Medal Winner earlier this week at the Global Music Awards when he won "Best Original Score" for the indie drama A Reason. His score was also nominated late last year for a Hollywood Music in Media award for "Best Score: Indie Film".

A Reason is an indie film directed by Dominique Schilling that tells the story of a family gathering that forces Aunt Irene to rethink her views on family, love, and forgiveness. The film stars Golden Globe nominee Marion Ross, Magda Apanowicz, Nick Eversman, Roxanne Hart, Ron Melendez & Madeleine Falk.

The Global Music Award's goal is to celebrate truly independent musicians, rather than being like other music talent competitions that honor only the best-selling recording artists. GMA is a showcase for original music, unique voices and emerging artists.

"I feel very honored to be included in such a lineup of international renowned musicians, like Gustavo Dudamel and Ryan Shore." Planert added. I actually started writing to the script well before filming began. I like working away from the picture. It's easier to capture the essence of the story. All the main themes were written during that stage and some of these compositions made it to the film unchanged. I also experimented with time: stretched audio textures and pulses that represent the sounds of a clock and the passing of time. The lead character Aunt Irene, played by Marion Ross, has only 2 months to live when she calls her family for the reading of her will. It took her all of her life to reach the point where she finally has to open up to let love, forgiveness and acceptance in. That's what I tried to express."

The film's score was performed by a small string orchestra as Planert was looking for an intimate sound. The orchestra consisted of Los Angeles Union musicians. They were led by first violinist and contractor, Mark Robertson, and conducted and orchestrated by Tim Williams. Solo Vocals are sung by the Lisbeth Scott. Planert was looking for a pure sound as it is the voice of serenity in the movie and takes on an of screen character. Planert and Scott had worked previously worked together on Castle (ABC).