La-La Land Records is proud to announce the release of Arrow– Original Television Soundtrack: Season 2 on CD. The CD version of the soundtrack, from La-La Land Records, contains two additional tracks not previously available. The album features the original series score by composer Blake Neely.

"ARROW's ever-expanding world always gives me plenty of creative muses: huge action, big emotion, mystery and mayhem, new characters, twists and turns," said Neely. "With over fourteen hours of music written for Season Two, it was a daunting chal­lenge to cull a mere eighty minutes for this album. Similar to the Season One soundtrack, I attempted to convey Season Two's overall arc, include some fan favorites, and showcase some memorable moments from a memorable season." "In Season Two, I got to introduce and develop themes for classic characters like Canary, the soon-to-be Arsenal, Nyssa, the Suicide Squad, countless unforgettable villains, and my personal favorite… the god of nemeses, Deathstroke," explained Neely. "The season also brought us Barry Allen, who went from awkward scientist to life-saving team player to victim of a lightning bolt. A spinoff show was born, and fortunately I get to continue scoring this iconic hero on our new show, The Flash."

The third season of Arrow begins airing on the CW Wednesday October 8, 2014.