Varèse Sarabande Records will release the John Wick – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on October 21 and on CD October 27, 2014. The soundtrack features an original score composed by Tyler Bates and Joel J. Richard. The album also features the songs "Evil Man Blues" performed by The Candy Shop Boys, "In My Mind" performed by M86 & Susie Q, and "Who You Talkin' To Man" performed by Ciscandra Nostalghia and co-written by Nostalghia and Bates.

"Joel and I have been friends for fifteen years, and we share many common interests and taste in music. We have aimed towards working together for some time," said Bates. When approached by the directors, Chad Stahelski and Dave Leitch, Bates immediately thought of working with Joel. "Joel came to the table with great ideas and a sensibility that was exactly as I felt we should approach the music."

"Chad and Dave expressed that they wanted a fun, raw, aggressive, unorthodox score that was in line with John Wick's hitman alter ego/former life, while at the same time representing John's emotional connection to his wife," described Richard. "There was also an emphasis on wanting to use music to help differentiate the various set-pieces and fight sequences."

"The first words of direction from the directors were that they wanted the score to kick ass in the same aesthetic paradigm that IS John Wick's world," Bates explained. "Joel and I discussed what we felt would be an effective and interesting approach to establishing a tone for the underscore that seamlessly transitioned into the more rocking aspects of the score."

"The initial goal was to get into the headspace of John Wick and the tone/essence of John's story first, rather than jumping right into applying music to picture," said Richard. "The opening sequence was the first scene tackled. It was originally much longer and contained elements from the end of the film. It felt like a logical place to begin the writing process given that the original cut of the scene contained both elements of John mourning his wife and his inner bad-ass."