La-La Land Records released Jessabelle - Music from the Motion Picture on CD on November 4, 2014. The soundtrack contains original music composed by Anton Sanko.

"In the beginning of the film, Jessabelle (brilliantly played by Sarah Snook) is riding in the car with her father after being estranged for many years. Nothing is said, but much is conveyed about their relationship. Jessabelle's loneliness and sadness is palpable, but she always has an air of hopefulness about her. I felt like this seeming contradiction was the key to the film," explained Sanko.

"Kevin [Greutert, director] of Jessabelle had requested that the score reflect the location (South Louisiana) and also reference the spiritual and voodoo aspects of our story," Sanko explained. "The music also had to provide the traditional eerie underpinnings necessary for Jessabelle's journey."

"I created thematic motif for the rekindled relationship of Jessabelle and Preston. I also used Sussan Deyhiem's voice as a mnemonic for many of our voodoo/haunting scenes," Sanko continued. "Her voice and vocalizations elevated the score to a new level. Also featured were cajun fiddle, tiple, classical guitar, an assortment of percussion, harp and vibes."