Varèse Sarabande Records will release The Homesman – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on November 17 and on CD December 9, 2014. The soundtrack features the original score composed by Marco Beltrami.

"This is the 3rd movie we've done together," said director Tommy Lee Jones of composer Beltrami. "He's different, that's what he brings. He's original."

This originality stretches to their work on The Homesman. While most composers record their music inside a studio in pristine conditions, Beltrami went outdoors—recording the music on the mountains of Malibu, CA. "It was very air, thread bare existence. Musically I was discussing with Buck [Sanders] how we might achieve some of this," said Beltrami. "We picked a day that the wind was fairly minimal in the morning and we just went right at it."