Many viewers have called "Classic Arts Showcase" the best thing on television —and even better—the only thing on television!

CAS has become popular because of its of continuous, commercial-free film and video clips of the arts, featuring selections from the world of opera, ballet, classical music, film, jazz, folk art, modern dance, and much more. Our mission is to inspire the viewer to go out and attend arts events in their community. We have found that the core audience for the classic arts is passing on, and not being replaced, and arts organizations are playing to less and less people. That's why Classic Arts Showcase was created, to create a new and future audience for the arts in America. CAS is a 50 million dollar non-profit public service program and is funded solely by The Lloyd E. Rigler-Lawrence E. Deutsch Foundation, without any revenue of any kind. Itís a gift to the country and a boon to the arts!

"Classic Arts Showcase" is seen in North and South America via an unscrambled satellite signal from satellite Galaxy 1R Transponder 5, available free to local cable access stations, local broadcast stations, schools and anyone else who can downlink the signal. Though CAS broadcasts 24 hours a day, each channel airs the show at different times. For local scheduling, or information about the program, visit

CAS adds new channels to its line-up every day, and is currently seen on over 325 channels across the nation, in more than 42 million cable homes. In addition CAS is now in many theater lobbies, like Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Recently we have revamped our web site to include educational information and links about the arts. As we continue to widen our viewership we will be expanding our outlets. In the year 2001 we hope to be streaming some art clips on our web site. Within the next two years we will have our own digital cable channel. Our library of material continues to grow at a rapid pace and we are looking to court more international artists to provide clips for our programming.

"Classic Arts Showcase" invites you to support the arts in your community!