Celluloid Copland World Premiere Film Music
   Telarc 80583 (Cond Jonathan Sheffer) 15.99
(59:25)  Wow!  Four world premiere Copland scores: From Sorcery To
Science (9:55) is colorful 1939 World's Fair short film on history of
medicines.  The City (21:57) evokes urban industrial landscapes.  The
Cummington Story (9:55) follows resettlement of WW II European refugees
to Massachussetts.  The North Star (17:22) is 1943 Samuel Goldwyn
feature about Russian village attacked by Nazis.  From warm Americana to

powerful, intense battle music, this is world-class Copland.  It doesn't

get any better than this!

The Invisible Circus   Chapter III 1010  16.99
(52:06)  New movie with Jordana Brewster and Cameron Diaz gets mixture
of songs and score in roughly equal parts.  Dark, moody score portion
emphasizes electronics with occasional strings.

Danger Diabolik   OTHR 1968 (Italy) 29.99
(50:54)  Hip 1967 Italian spy thriller boasts "psychedelic" score by
Morricone.  Sergio Leone it's not.  Limited edition CD has several
dialog tracks, indexed separately.  Not that it matters.