(Hollywood, CA): Prolific animation music Composer Denis M. Hannigan scores Walt Disney Pictures' animated feature, Recess: School's Out (Opening February 16th). The award-winning composer has written music for many of today's most popular children's TV series including Recess, CatDog, Rugrats, Beakman's World and Adventures in Wonderland.

Hannigan's music for Recess: School's Out covers the gamut from Kazoo-renditions of "Bridge Over the River Kwai" to incorporating a 77-piece orchestra for the original score. According to Hannigan, "The score is classical, but it definitely has a lot of fun, light-hearted elements." He also recorded operatic pieces for the film and arranged several songs including a new rendition of the Lemon Pipers' hit "Green Tambourine," sung by stage legend Robert Goulet. The Recess: School's Out soundtrack (available February 6th on Walt Disney Records) features Hannigan's "Recess Suite," plus several sixties classics.

Recess: School's Out, the feature film based on the top-rated Saturday morning TV series, finds lead character T.J. Detweiler (Andy Lawrence) left with a lonely summer as all his friends go away to camp. Noticing an eerie light emanating from the empty school, Detweiler decides to investigate. His concerns are dismissed as imagination by both his parents and the local police, so he turns to curmudgeonly Principal Prickly (Dabney Coleman). When an electric storm dematerializes the principal while he was unlocking the school gate, T.J. summons his friends (Spinelli, Mikey, Vince, Gretchen and Gus) back from their camps to help solve the mystery.

Hannigan's previous feature films include the animated CatDog and the Great Parent Mystery as well as live action films The Girl Next Door, FoxHunt and The New Shaggy Dog. For television, he has scored over 300 episodes, many honored with Emmy, Cable Ace and other awards. Hannigan's extensive work reflects his international musical background. The composer spent his early years in China, where he became proficient in oriental music and woodwind instruments. He was a member of the famed international musical group, Mother Goose. Returning to the U.S., he spent several years studying Latin music and other ethnic instruments. Hannigan then went on to the UCLA Film Scoring Program under the direction of Don B. Ray (Gilligan's Island, Hawaii 5-0).