By BENEDICT CARVER, November 13, 1998
(Variety On-Line : Used Without Permission)

Elton John has agreed to compose his first
feature-length score in 26 years, for Albert
Brooks’ “The Muse.”

 Pic, which is being financed and distributed by
 October Films, stars Sharon Stone, Jeff Bridges
and Andie MacDowell. John will also write the
title song for the film, together with his writing
partner Bernie Taupin.

While John has written songs for a number of
Disney animated pics, notably “The Lion King,”
his last score was for a 1971 drama called
“Friends,” directed by Lewis Gilbert. John and
lyricist Tim Rice are contributing several songs
to DreamWorks’ next animated pic, “Eldorado
— City of Gold.”

“I have become more involved with film through
my work with Disney, DreamWorks and, of
course, the establishment of my own production
company, Rocket Pictures,” John said. “I loved
the script for ‘The Muse’ and was pleased to get
this opportunity to work with Albert Brooks and

Rocket, which John runs with David Furnish, has
many projects in development, but has produced
few pics to date. In a prepared statement,
October co-presidents Scott Greenstein,
Bingham Ray and John Schmidt held out the
possibility they might explore further
collaborations with Rocket.

 “We are thrilled to be opening the door for a
 wider relationship with Elton’s management
team of Colin Bell and Frank Presland, as well
as Rocket Pictures,” the October partners said.

“Muse,” is a comedy about a disenchanted
Hollywood screenwriter who finds a real muse
living in Los Angeles. Herb Nanas is producing
the pic, which October will release next year.