Lakeshore Records will release the Good Kill – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally and CD on May 12, 2015. The album features the film's original score by Christophe Beck.

Good Kill is the story of fighter pilot, Major Tommy Egan, who has been flying F—16's in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is still flying missions in that part of the world but now he is doing it from the inside of a very different cockpit. He is a drone pilot, fighting the war by remote control from an air-­conditioned cubicle 7,000 miles away on a base near Las Vegas. It's about the new schizophrenia of war.

"In approaching the score, I wanted to create a certain sonic ambiguity between the two desert landscapes featured: rural Nevada and Pakistan," explained Beck.

"The lack of clarity and separation between the home and war fronts is key to understanding Tommy's confusion and motivation in the film and seemed like the perfect window through which to share that feeling with the audience musically," Beck described.

Voltage Pictures presents Good Kill in theaters and On Demand May 15, 2015.