Lakeshore Records will release the Burying the Ex Original Motion Picture Score, featuring the original music composed by Joseph LoDuca and a bonus track "Poison Love" by Electroillusion, which was featured in the film's trailer. The recording will be released digitally on June 16 and on CD August 14, 2015.

In addition, the label will be releasing a special EP, featuring the songs from the film, digitally on June 16, 2015. The Burying the Ex Original Motion Picture Soundtrack EP, is a 6-track EP with songs by Chantal Claret, Zachary Kibbee, Far Too Loud, TaDa and two tracks from The Kobanes.

"As a composer who regularly gets invited along for the ride on horror projects, I can describe my experience on Burying the Ex in two words: BIG FUN. No one does horror/comedy better than Joe Dante," said LoDuca.

There were a few key steps I needed to dance along with this horror/comedy mash up," explained LoDuca. "The first was to stay true to the grand history of genre music, while making the actual scares truly scary. Finally we needed a magical, seductive, doomed-love theme for our protagonists. What better than a Gypsy violin? This is highlighted wonderfully by Aaron Ashton's virtuosic display on the Main Title. In the end, I hope you have as much fun watching and listening as I did making this music."

Voltage Pictures and Image Entertainment present Burying the Ex, available in limited release on June 19, 2015.