Varèse Sarabande will release The Librarians – Original Soundtrack digitally and on CD on June 23, 2015. The album features the original music composed by Joseph LoDuca.

"The Librarians is a fantasy/adventure series that was created out of the success of three Librarian telefilms that aired on TNT over the past several years," said LoDuca. "In those stories, Flynn Carson (Noah Wiley) plays the learned nerd who saves the world from evil. In the current series, a team of specialists with 'super powers' join with Flynn to battle evil magic in many forms. The music requires a full orchestra to match the enormity of their task."

"The soundtrack album is a full orchestra score mainly from the pilot," LoDuca explained. "I added a few tracks that feature fantastic female vocalists: Beth Rowley from London on 'Cassandra's Theme,' Raya Yarbrough on 'Start Lite, Star Bright,' and young Hannah Devlin on 'What are Little Girls Made Of.' I am very pleased with quality of the recording, thanks to Tanner Danielson, Glen Neibur, and my mixing engineer, Scott Davidson."

The second season of The Librarians will be on TNT this fall.