Lakeshore Records will release One and Two Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on August 28, 2015. The film features original music by Nathan Halpern, his second collaboration with director Andrew Droz Palermo.

"At its heart, One & Two is a fairytale—albeit a chilling one," said Halpern. "Thematically, classic fairytales speak to the most elemental oppositions of childhood: good and evil, love and abandonment, innocence and experience. So the score I created for the film was one of musical dualities: sweet melody and cruel dissonance; natural acoustic instruments and mangled electronics."

"Andrew Droz Palermo is a uniquely poetic director, and he created these very evocative images of the children in nature that I really responded to musically," Halpern described. "In the opening scene, Zac and Eva play in the lake and run in the woods at dusk. Beneath the sounds of the water, I bring in an otherworldly sonic texture to signal that the world of the film is not one of realism, but one of myth and fable."