Musiques De Films RUS 288172 (Cond Skripka) 17.99
(67:20) Three Russian film scores in mostly 19th century classical
style: "A Nameless Star" (19:49) from 1978 (the prettiest of the bunch),
"An Ideal Husband" (25:04) (the most involved) and "Turtle Tortilla"
(22:27) (the lightest). Played by Orchestre De La Cinematographie Russe
under Serguei Skripka.

What's Cooking? PTE 8529 15.99
(50:17) New comedy with solid female cast carries hip instrumental music
with latin flavor. A diversion, nothing more.

Battle For The Planet Of The Apes FSM 24.99
-Also: Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes (Tom Scott)
(74:44) Last two "Ape" scores get their day. "Conquest" (31:28) has
strong, cerebral score by Scott. Emphasis on brass, woodwinds, piano,
percussion. "Battle" (42:02) features intense, demanding Rosenman music.
Particularly exciting main title. Bonus track from Lalo Schifrin's score
to 1974 TV series. Strong album.

The Mexican Decca 013757 16.99
(49:14) New movie with Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and an antique gun gets
solid support from twanging guitars, harmonica, strong melodies and
requisite flamenco trumpet solos. Everything you'd expect in a Morricone
(oops, Silvestri) south-of-the-border western homage. Several annoying
source tracks interfere. After programming you'll find 33:46 of strong

Gladiator: More Music From The Motion Picture Decca 013192 16.99
(55:35) Wildly popular Russell Crowe performance triggers top-selling
DVD, successful original album. New volume includes alternate music,
test versions of cues later orchestrated, bits of dialog, etc. Sometimes
plays like a souvenir of the movie, but does give a fascinating glimpse
of the scoring process as it progressed.