Lakeshore Records will release two soundtracks for the film Mississippi Grind: Vol. 1 - Gerry's Road Mix and Mississippi Grind: Vol. 2 - Curtis' Road Mix. Both albums will be available digitally in October and are film-inspired compilations of amazing blues tracks.

Setting the tone are great tracks from such esteemed legends of Blues as Memphis Slim, Furry Lewis and John Lee Hooker, each volume is a musical reflections of the state mind of an individual character. A rare look into the deeper motivations of such complex and vivid men as Gerry and Curtis each volume is different as are the fates and choices of the gambling men they represent. Through the songs of Big Bill Broonzy, Memphis Minnie and Joe Callicott, amongst others, the actions and choices of Mississippi Grind are illuminated all the more. Marshall Chapman, who plays Curtis' mom, contributes the track "Rainbow Road", while Leo Welch's original track "I Don't Know Her Name" is also featured on the "Curtis' Road Mix" recording.

Mississippi Grind will be in theaters on September 25.