For Immediate Release
March 6, 2001


Original Score Composed by Basil Poledouris

Naval officer Kate Timmons ("NYPD Blue's" Kim Delaney) has just turned in her husband Eli Dixon (David Keith from U-571) for his illegal doings. Timmons, now demoted, is faced with the daunting task of proving she wasn't involved in these activities and rebuilding her career. Soon after, ex-husband Dixon escapes and Timmons finds herself entangled in a high-action plot involving a vengeful husband and deadly military secrets.

Two of the producers on LOVE AND TREASON, Bob Rehme and Mace Neufeld, had previously engaged composer Basil Poledouris on THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER and FLIGHT OF THE INTRUDER. For LOVE AND TREASON, Poledouris was asked to compose a score with the same mystery, power, and richness of RED OCTOBER, with only 4.5% of OCTOBER's budget. Yet this obstacle turned into the perfect opportunity for Poledouris to put his theoriesof fusing traditional orchestral film scoring techniques with devices such as rhythmically insistent drumming, synthesizers, percussion, and the usage of space. This orchestrally conceived score consists of an array of live percussion and synthesized sounds, boasting some of the most complex, symphonic-sounding electronic music to date. The score features a strong, rhythmic main title, a couple of brass-led, exciting action cues, and darker suspense music.

Hear for yourself the results of Poledouris' innovative work when LOVE AND TREASON airs Wednesday, March 7 on CBS. Or go directly to the Intrada compact disc, available late March/early April.

Music Composed by Basil Poledouris
MAF 7092

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