(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Emmy-recognized composer and multi-instrumentalist Danny Pelfrey has taken top honors at the first Video Premiere Awards for "Better Than I," a song he produced and arranged for the animated DreamWorks feature, JOSEPH-KING OF DREAMS. The awards, launched by Video Business Magazine, also nominated Pelfrey in the category of Best Original Score for his work on this popular musical.

Top honors were also awarded to JOSEPH as Best Animated Video Premiere, Best Director and Best Screenplay. An additional nomination was granted for Best Animated Character Performances (Ben Affleck, Joseph's voice; Luc Chamberland, animation director).

"Better Than I," written by John Bucchino, is performed by David Campbell in this prequel to THE PRINCE OF EGYPT. JOSEPH is based on the beloved Biblical tale of a boy who possesses the gift of interpreting dreams who, after being sold into slavery by his brothers, becomes one of Pharaoh's highest-ranking officials. Like Pelfrey's score to the film, the song's arrangement uses ancient Egyptian instruments along with a traditional orchestra to make for both a timely and timeless musical journey.

Pelfrey is one of today's most celebrated composers. His cutting-edge guitar-infused theme brought a new feel to ABC's Emmy-nominated Spin City, as Charlie Sheen replaced Michael J. Fox in the series' lead. Spin City's score is also Pelfrey's work, as is the score to CBS's That's Life starring Heather Paige Kent, Ellen Burstyn and Paul Sorvino, the weekly drama about a New Jersey woman who dumps her blue-collar boyfriend to return to college.

Last season, Pelfrey was Emmy-nominated for his work on TV's popular Felicity. He was part of the Emmy winning teams for Santa Barbara, Another World and Guiding Light and has worked on dramatic scores for several mini-series and acclaimed prime-time shows including Friends, Providence, Survivor and Once and Again. He has contributed music to several features including Stir of Echoes, Enemy of the State and Disney's The Kid.

Visit Pelfrey's website at www.dannypelfrey.com