Varèse Sarabande will release Unnatural – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally and as a limited edition CD on October 16, 2015. The album features the original music created by composer Edwin Wendler.

To get the emotion behind the film just right, Wendler composed a main theme, which, in the words of the composer, is "quietly relentless" and "designed to express loneliness and isolation." The Alaskan wilderness is a character that drives the movie along with the actors. For Wendler, the Unnatural score is "a chilling trip to some dark, musical places, with the most aggressive music I have ever written." It was very important to Wendler to create cohesion throughout this striking score. Elements of the main theme can be heard during the action music so that "on a subliminal level, there is a thematic consistency, even in material which, on the surface, has nothing to do with the main theme."

Given the intense plot, Wendler was careful when creating the tonal palette for the movie. "I wanted the music for Unnatural to be as cold and unforgiving as the location of the movie: the Alaskan wilderness." In order to achieve this feat, Wendler picked sounds that felt like they fit in the environment such as wooden percussion instruments, odd vocals, a banged-up piano, and icy-cold electronics.

Unnatural will debut in theaters nationwide on October 16, 2015.