Atlantic Screen Group will release The Diabolical Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on October 16, 2015. The album features the film's original score by Ian Hultquist.

"I loved working on this project because it has so many different layers that aren't really apparent at first," Hultquist explained. "Every one is going to walk into the theater thinking it's another horror film, but so much more comes into play that takes us beyond just another haunted house-jaunt. It's really a hybrid of a couple different genres. The music speaks to that as well!"

"When I first came aboard this project, Alistair [Legrand, director] and I had numerous long discussions about films and score music," said Hultquist. "I don't think we were even specifically talking about the film itself, but more just feeling each other out and learning how to communicate. Alistair has a musical background, so we were able to speak the same language whenever we wanted to dissect a piece of score. This really allowed me to run wild with the score, and create something that lived specifically for the film."

"I probably spent a good 3-4 weeks just creating sounds for the film, sampling various instruments and creating tons of textures," Hultquist explained. "One of the biggest noisemakers I used was a rusted-out old Ukelin I found at a flea market. Traditionally, these are really sweet-sounding, folk instruments played by bowing and strumming drone strings. However, mine was completely out of tune & the bow had lost all of its hairs, which produced this wonderfully horrible scraping sound. I really kind of abused that poor thing, but it was worth it!"

The Diabolical will be released in theaters on October 16, 2015.