Milan Records will release The Knick: Sason 2 Original Television Soundtrack digitally on October 30 followed by the CD December 18, 2015. The album features original music by composer Cliff Martinez.

"I thought the music from last year was scary good," admitted Martinez. "Then when Steven edited the new episodes around that music, in many instances it felt even stronger than in its original incarnation. It seemed impossible to top. After such attention to musically creating the atmosphere of The Knick in the first season, the second season allows for a deepening of the tonally anachronistic world."

"In continuing The Knick I kept a time-honored Soderbergh/Martinez tradition that I like to call 'one thing,'" Martinez remarked. "I try very hard to score an entire scene using only one sound or instrument. It's difficult, and I usually end up cheating, but by limiting the number of elements, I'm always guaranteed an expressively minimalist and fat-free soundtrack. For all the new pieces the challenge was to stand alongside all the older material and not embarrass anyone."

The ten-episode second season airs on Fridays from 10:00-11:00 p.m. ET/PT, exclusively on Cinemax.