Lakeshore Records will release the Stonewall Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on CD Noevember 13 and digitally on November 27, 2015. The album features original music by Rob Simonsen.

"We discussed embracing the sounds that were prevalent at that time," said composer Simonsen. "Electrified instruments were the basis for most popular music at the time, electric guitars, Fender Rhodes, electric bass. Also drum kit, acoustic guitars. We wanted to capture an 'on tape' sound and feel like the score came from the era a bit."

"I think the opening scene, which establishes the main theme to Danny set up the heart of the character well, giving us that material to draw from throughout the film," Simonsen described.

"Danny's theme is played throughout," said Simonsen. "It is about a tender hearted guy seeking community, acceptance and direction with his future. He's a small town kid who comes to the big streets of NYC. There's a love/friendship theme between Danny and Ray, played on Fender Rhodes."

Stonewall is in theaters now.