Varèse Sarabande will release the Jand Got a Gun - Official Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on January 29, 2016. The album features original music by composers Lisa Gerrard and Marcello De Francisci.

"The soundtrack score to this film is what you would call a Hollywood western with what we hope is a completely 'fresh and new' approach," said De Francisci.

"Director Gavin O'Connor was looking to find a very signature score to this film while shying away from what is considered the conventional western soundtrack," said De Francisci. "We naturally gravitated to recording a lot of live instruments and editing performances to the point that at times would cross into the realm of sound design. Other areas demanded a quite lyrical approach and of course Lisa's voice was an element that was used to represent the spirit of the heroin in the story."

Jane got a Gun will be released in theaters on January 29, 2016.