16th March 2001, London  - Burgeoning music production company, Extreme Music have teamed up with KPM (EMI Group), Zomba Production Music and other select prestigious music companies, to establish a unique music Online portal, announced Russell Emanuel, Managing Director, Extreme Music.

As part of this joint initiative, the new Online system is based on the Music Finder search system pioneered by KPM and software developers Enigma Interactive, providing a special music service to the film and television industries.  This sophisticated web-based search and delivery system will offer fast cross searching and music downloads, while retaining the integrity and branding of each participating library.  This breakthrough system is free of charge to broadcasters, facility houses and production companies.

Extreme Music's libraries including the recently launched Directors Cuts, feature as one of a number of competing music companies who form part of this unique venture alongside leading production music publishers KPM, MUSIC HOUSE ( EMI Group), BRUTON, CHAPPELLS, FIRST COM, and (KOSINOS) K- Musik.  Teaming up to establish a common platform, will allow users to be more creative when selecting music for their productions, as they will be able to compare alternative music tracks rapidly, unlocking the full potential of catalogues.

This deal follows hot on the heals of Extreme Music's recently announced Directors Cuts, which features original orchestral film score compositions for licensing in Film, Television and Radio programming, advertisements and all media.  Teaming up with renowned film music specialists Media Ventures Entertainment Group (brainchild of award-winning composers Hans Zimmer and Jay Rifkin), Directors Cuts is a revolutionary and unique new film score production music library, with offerings from some of the world's most talented composers such as Klaus Badelt, Justin Burnett, Patrick Cassidy, Gavin Greenaway to mention just a few.

Commented Russell Emanuel, "This revolutionary online venture, will provide users with easy access to the very best production music compositions available worldwide.  With technology moving at such a fast pace, we are excited about offering a service that will totally change the production music publishing business, and open doors to a host of opportunities."

Extreme Music's library has become the key source for many producers.  Branching out and attracting local and international television companies, Extreme's music has graced an abundance of high profile TV projects including Sex & the City, Frasier, Star Trek; Voyager, ED, Malcolm In The Middle, Dark Angel and The Sopranos. Extreme Music has also supplied the music for a wide-ranging portfolio of high profile worldwide advertising campaigns for major brands including Nike, Nintendo, Sony Playstation, Hugo Boss, McDonalds and Grolsch

Established 4 years ago by Russell Emanuel and Dolph Taylor, pioneers in production music, Extreme currently ranks as the leading independent music production company in the UK.  Extreme Music's unique "music library" focuses on originality and creativity combined with the same high production values as any major commercial label where content is king and the music provided comes from recognized composers and the best of today's musical talent. In addition to Extreme's unrivalled contemporary catalogue the creation of their 'Ultimate Classix' series, featuring the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, is the only classical production music collection to feature a world-renowned orchestra. With offices in, London, Los Angeles, Stockholm and Dublin the company's high profile and rapid expansion continues with additional offices opening across Europe and worldwide


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