Varèse Sarabande will release the Misconduct – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on February 5, 2016. The album features the original music composed by Federico Jusid.

"This is a somewhat classical score, in the sense that it's built on different leitmotifs, each associated with a character or a narrative line of the plot," Jusid stated about creating the score. "Whilst the music has a structure mostly melodic and harmonic based - like most old school scores - played mainly by a large string section, there are abundant contemporary sound layers enriching the palette, in an attempt to hear a dialogue between the 'old and the new' languages."

With his experience of using and conducting orchestras, it was a no-brainer to incorporate those elements into the score. "I used a large string orchestra, colored with woodwind and brass sections and some bold timpani, playing thematic material," said Jusid. "My team did a wonderful job processing them electronically, to enable me to manipulate and blend them into the string texture. The result is that on top of all these electronic sounds you can hear a solo violin playing virtuoso passages with a lot of nerve, accompanying either our impulsive or our conniving characters."

Jusid concluded, "I've been wanting to have a Varèse release for a long time, but I'm more than happy that it finally happened with the score for this US project, which I am so proud of."

Misconduct will be in theaters on February 5, 2016.