Varèse Sarabande will release the House of Cards: Season 4 - Original Netflix Series Soundtrack digitally on April 1 and on CD April 29, 2016. The album features the original music composed by Jeff Beal.

"The story lines of a House of Cards season always inform my musical choices. Season four has a sense of struggle and conflict. The estranged relationship of Frank and Claire Underwood, and a presidential campaign both have an urgency and pace with underscores the mood," Beal stated. "Tracks such as 'Make The Terror,' 'Any Less Hurtful' & 'Obedience' have a percussive underbelly; helped along immensely by performances by drum master Peter Erskine."

Beal concluded, "Beau Willimon and I discussed the idea of getting down the essence of our characters in season four—to distill the music to pure emotive terms. As I listen back to this collection I can't help but think of the ways we tried to strip away any artifice or false notes, any extraneous plot driven gestures. 'Help You Win' is a requiem of almost unbearable sadness and loss, 'Remy Danton' a simple hymn of longing, and 'Perfectly Timed Exit' pure Viennese romance."

The fourth season of House of Cards premiered on Netflix on March 4, 2016.