Lakeshore Records will release Darling - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on April 1, 2016. The album features the original score by composer Giona Ostinelli.

"There's barely any dialogue throughout the whole film, so the music had to play a major role by being another character in the film that is always present," described Ostinelli. "It is a rare opportunity in today's film industry, as well as a major challenge. The score has to be incredibly focused on guiding the audience through the film with confidence."

"Darling presented a wonderful opportunity to experiment creating a score as a combination of classical, noir and sound design elements," said Ostinelli. "I was able to achieve a particular sound by creating a unique hallucinatory soundscape, which features a heaving distorted Ondes Martenot combined with various layers of piano going through a very specific type of reverb. On top of these hypnotic intricate sonorities, I occasionally introduced a distant solo trumpet, which added a disturbing noir element that worked perfectly with the black-and-white images."

Darling will be in theaters April 1 and on VOD April 8, 2016.