Film composer Heitor Pereira spreads his musical wings by scoring The Angry Birds Movie. The Grammy winning composer and guitarist is also a devoted birdwatcher and environmentalist. He combines his extensive bird knowledge and musical background to create the unique score, available on Atlantic Records May 13, 2016.

Pereira sampled a variety of avian sounds to create an array of percussion tool kits to compose unique themes for every character in the film. He also performed on many of the instruments that include ukuleles, electric sitars, heavily distorted 'angry' guitars, and analogue synths. Pereira explains, "The score is a true tapestry of melodies. I used a large orchestra and choir, recorded bird wings flapping, feathers ruffling, woodpecker beaks pecking on a tree, and bird songs; the sounds were cut up and filtered in order to create original drumsets for each bird."

The Angry Birds Movie opens on May 20, 2016.