In cooperation with this years JEDI-CONVENTION in Cologne (Koeln - Germany) the "Metropolis filmmusicorchestra" presents fine filmmusic with themes from:

Indiana Jones
Jurassic Park
Robin Hood
Star Wars (of course)
Dancing With Wolves
Ben Hur

The filmmusic is presented with lightning FX as well as projections. It's not only a concert but an audio-visulal event of first class. I've never seen it personally but all the press-reviews were very positive. :-)

Here are the dates:
18.00-21.00h on 15th April
Sartory Säle Köln
Friesenstr. 44 - 48
50670 Köln
Telefon: 0221-134813
Fax: 0221-136413

Tickets costs 35,-  42,- and 49,-DM ($ is aprox the half value of DM)
Tickets are to buy @ "Koeln Ticket" phone +49 (0)221-2801

For more information about the JEDI-CON:
Jedi-Con 2001 Organisation
Telefon: 0821-7291-666
(Mo./Di./Mi.Fr. 13 - 16 Uhr / Do, 13 - 18 Uhr)

German language webpage:

Stefan Kusch