Lakeshore Records will release The Infiltrator - Original Motion Picture Score digitally on July 15 and CD July 22, 2016. The album features the original score by Chris Hajian.

"I wanted to create a very captivating score, and one that puts an emotional depth into the film in a powerful yet nuanced way," Hajian stated. "This combination of 80s synths, modern ambient textures and string melodies is one that I believe captures the time and emotion of the story and draws you into the world of Bob Musella."

"For me, Chris puts tremendous heart and emotion into the score," says director Brad Furman. "Every time we have made a movie, the end result is a deeper, richer, fuller experience with clarity of characters."

Actor Benjamin Bratt calls the score "Compelling, emotional, tension-inducing and poignant." Actor John Leguizamo adds, "Chris and I have worked on two films together and every time I see the films with his score I am blown away by his ability to add depth and emotion to them in a real and nuanced way. His score to The Infiltrator is a big part of the storytelling of the characters and the vibe he created in capturing the sound and feel of the 1980s while putting his own point of view and style in the writing puts me right in the world of the film."

The Infiltrator will be in theatres nationwide July 13, 2016.