Lakeshore Records will release Carnage Park - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on August 5, 2016. The album features the original score by composer Giona Ostinelli.

"I wanted to write a score reminiscent of a traditional Western, however reinvent the genre at the same time," described Ostinelli. "To achieve that, there was a lot of experimentation involved: I recorded an acoustic piano and fed the signal through an amp, I blew onto the piano strings and recorded the resonance, I recorded my breath and utilized it as a rhythmic element, I recorded a string quartet and then transformed its sound into something completely disturbing and terrifying—I wanted to demonstrate how frightening and sinister a string quartet could be as a sound."

"The scoring process was very unusual. Instead of writing the music first and then recording it I soon realized that in order to create something as particular as the movie was asking for, I needed to reverse this process and record the initial material first," said Ostinelli. "I then took the recorded phrases and effects and started using them as the main composing tool slowly adding other instruments on top. The final result of these experiments was a powerful and disturbing sound. Then, once the score was written and approved, I went back to the studio and recorded more straightforward type of instruments."

"Recreating something that has already been done before doesn't particularly appeal to me," Ostinelli explained. "Having scored over 28 feature films in my career so far I'm always trying my best to bring something unique and fresh into each project whether it's a choice of unusual instrumentation, orchestration or stylistic variety. I love pushing myself over the limits. Moreover, I often collaborate with extraordinary soloists who bring their own unique character into the music."

Carnage Park will be in theaters and VOD July 1, 2016.