Lakeshore Records will release the Nerve - Original Motion Picture Score digitally July 29, 2016, and on CD soon thereafter. The album features the film's original score by composer Rob Simonsen. The soundtrack also features the original track "Let's Play" performed by Simonsen and White Sea—an energetic synth-driven track with an 80s vibe.

"The directors Ariel Schulman, Henry Joost and I talked before shooting started, and discussed about using a lot of synthesizers and drawing from an 80's vibe," said Simonsen "This worked out great as I hoping the score would reflect the excitement of the film- electricity through the nervous system, always playing on your nerves."

"We came up with the idea of using a children's choir to capture a sort of innocence of these kids doing crazy dares and being nonchalant about playing with life and death," Simonsen described. "We didn't want a formal church-type of choir, but something that felt more loose and informal. The kids were such a joy to work with."

Nerve is currently in theaters.