The Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV - Original Soundtrack will be available digitally in the US on August 30 and on CD October 26, 2016. Composer John R. Graham has written the original music.

"Like Final Fantasy itself, Kingsglaive generates much of its energy through opposites. It blends magic and technology, the real and unreal, tolerance and intolerance," said Graham. "I was brought into write filmic music that would inhabit the world of the film, a counterbalance to Yoko Shimomura's beloved music for the Final Fantasy game series (Shimomura's work is also featured in the film). I ended up writing about 100 minutes of music which I hope conveys this simultaneous light-and-dark feeling and underlines the contradictions of the characters, the plot and even the lighting of the film."

"In Kingsglaive, sacrifice is real and the stakes for the characters are sometimes fatal," Graham described. "With those feelings running through the movie, the musical score has to feel large-scale and reflect the loss and hazards the characters experience." To achieve this, he used a large orchestra plus electronic elements and the human voice. "The entire arsenal! Musically the score moves back and forth between dark and light, reflecting the ambiguity and changing position of both the characters and even the place, Lucius, where much of the action occurs."

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV will be in theaters August 19, 2016.