Sony Music and Madison Gate Records are releasing Outlander: Season 2 - Original Television Soundtrack on CD and digital formats on October 28, 2016. The soundtrack includes original music from season 2 of the critically acclaimed series by Emmy award-winning composer Bear McCreary and vocal performances by Raya Yarbrough.

The soundtrack features lush orchestral arrangements with French Baroque and Gaelic influences, reflecting the season 2 story line. The score also contains alternate versions of the main title theme, including an all-new French adaptation.

"The adventurous second season of Outlander allowed me to learn and explore an entirely new musical language," said composer McCreary. "My immersion into the worlds of French baroque music, performance, and history—followed by an in-depth study of lesser-known Jacobite musical history—resulted in one of the most exciting and creative experiences of my career. I concluded this season a better composer than when I began, and for that I am grateful."