IM Global Music, the music and publishing soundtrack subsidiary of thriving independent studio IM Global, will digitally release the original feature score by Ilan Eshkeri (Kick-Ass, Stardust, The Young Victoria) from the motion picture Collide on February 24th.

While writing music for the film, Eshkeri suggested using only analog synthesizers a bold and unique creative choice. The score is a technical achievement using many synthesizers not usually found in soundtracks in such quantities. The synths used in the score are the Minimoog, Juno-6, Korg MS-20, PPG-Wave, and the Arturia Minibrute.

"When the Director Eran asked me to do the music for the film, I didn't want to do another traditional action movie score, so I said that we should do the whole score with real analogue synths and absolutely nothing else. I told Eran that he had to be completely committed to doing it that way with no exceptions and fortunately for me Eran was mad enough to agree to that crazy plan. It was really difficult to do but really good fun," says Eshkeri on preparing to score Collide.

David Schulhof, President of IM Global Music, said "Ilan wrote a very vibrant and uplifting score. We are proud to release the Score Album on IM Global Music. Many fans of the film will enjoy his incredibly energetic score."