Chasing Coral - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack has been released exclusively for one week on iTunes and Apple Music on Zero Emissions Day, September 21st, and on all other music streaming platforms on September 28th. The album features the original score by Dan Romer (The Little Hours, Beasts of the Southern Wild) and Saul Simon MacWilliams (Gleason, Becoming Warren Buffet), as well as an original song written by Dan Romer and Teddy Geiger called "Tell Me How Long," with vocals by Kristen Bell. Chasing Coral - a Netflix Original Documentary - launched this summer to critical acclaim winning the Sundance Film Festival Audience Award.

Before scoring the film, Romer and MacWilliams determined that audience members should feel sonically connected to the oceanic atmosphere. In an effort to replicate the sound of an underwater world, many of the instruments were recorded through an underwater microphone in Saul's hot tub.

Dan and Saul initially developed a unique sound library and then orchestrated and recorded the score with this palette of sounds. First, Saul and Dan recorded cellos, guitars, wine glasses, and various instruments in the studio. Then they played back the recordings through an underwater speaker and re-recorded these sounds with the hydrophone. Other instruments, such as Saul's voice, the guitar, and the percussive elements were recorded live in their studio.

But Dan and Saul aren't just the musical voice of this film they also believe and advocate for its message deeply. They will be donating soundtrack proceeds to Chasing Coral's impact campaign focusing on increasing awareness of coral bleaching and growing support for the transition to clean energy.