Here is information regarding two upcoming film music concerts in October in Rochester, NY:

"Film Night"
Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Jeff Tyzik October 19th, 2001 Eastman Theatre (in Rochester NY) The orchestra will be performing a world-premiere 12-minute suite of Monstrous Movie Music's scores from CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, composed by Herman Stein, Hans Salter, Henry Mancini, and Milt Rosen. Other works to be performed: John Williams - Raiders March, Jaws, Imperial March from Star Wars, "Adventures on Earth" from E.T.; Elmer Bernstein - Suite from To Kill A Mockingbird; Franz Waxman - Suite from Prince Valiant; Eric Korngold - Suite from Adventures of Robin Hood; Bernard Herrmann - Suite from Taxi Driver; Rachel Portman - Suite from Chocolat

"Halloweenish" concert
Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Jeff Tyzik October 27th, 2001 Wayne Central School (near Rochester, NY) In addition to our CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON suite, the concert will also include Williams - Jaws, "Adventures on Earth" from E.T., Darth Vader March from Star Wars, and classical works like Grieg's "In the Hall of the Mountain King," Saint-Saens' "Danse Macabre," and Mussorgsky's "Night On Bald Mountain."

Visit the website for the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra.