Screen Archives Entertainment has reached an agreement with Twilight Time Movies to purchase the company's extensive Twilight Time Movies inventory or back catalog, along with reprint rights of limited titles, and its website effective July 1, 2020. The agreement ensures that the Twilight Time label will continue indefinitely, according to the principals.

Screen Archives has served as the primary distribution partner to Twilight Time since its beginning, working with the late Nick Redman and co-founder Brian Jamieson.

Jamieson, a veteran studio executive and filmmaker will continue to provide marketing expertise and support to Screen Archives during the transition.

Screen Archives president Craig Spaulding said, "Having worked with Brian and Nick over the years, we took this step because we have always enjoyed a good relationship with Brian (and Nick). We wanted to keep our relationship going and continue to capitalize on Brian's years of expertise in the industry.

Screen Archives began in 1976 and has grown into a worldwide distributor of soundtracks, DVDs, and Blu-rays. No further details will be made available until after July 1, 2020.