Milan Records today announces the release of Dickinson: Season Two (Apple TV+ Original Series Soundtrack) with music by Drum & Lace and Ian Hultquist. Available everywhere Friday, January 29, the album features score music written by 18321Drum & Lace and Hultquist for the second season of the Apple Original series starring Hailee Steinfeld as poet Emily Dickinson. Also included on the album is vocal track "Split the Lark" performed by Dickinson actress Ella Hunt.

The second season of Dickinson is now streaming globally on Apple TV+ and new episodes premiere weekly, every Friday.

Of the soundtrack, composers Drum & Lace and Ian Hultquist say, "In Season 2 of Dickinson, we find all of our characters having grown up a bit, for better or for worse, and we wanted our music to reflect that shift as well. The mood of our music is deeper, more mature and evolved to go with the narrative of the new season: 'What is the cost of Fame?' This question is asked both internally by Emily, and by those around her. While we definitely kept some of the signature sounds from season one such as (Sofia's) voice, analog synths & drum machines, we were also able to explore new themes and sonic territories to cover the new narratives at hand. Without spoiling anything, we also had a great chance to work with the cast on some original songs which we're hoping the viewers will resonate with."