February 4, 1999			Contact: Pacific Time Press Dept

	                VOLUMES 1&2

NEW YORK, N.Y.— Curtis Urbina, President of Pacific Time
Entertainment, Inc., today announced the release of  a new series, Music
From The Cinema .  Volumes 1& 2 are the first in the "Composer's
Compilation Series" being released March 9, 1999.  Volume 1 features the
previously released work of Nicola Piovani  and Volume 2 is a
compilation of the music of Pino Danaggio.

Nicola Piovani is the composer behind this year's Cannes Film Festival
Critic's Award-winning film Life Is Beautiful  (Miramax) as well as
Frederico Fellini's Ginger and Fred and the Taviani Brothers'Good
Morning Babylon, among others.

Pino Danaggio is a multi-faceted international composer who is renowned
for his work for 10 Brian DePalma movies including Body Double, Raising
Kane, Dressed to Kill and Blowout.

Additionally, April 1999 will welcome the release of the original
soundtrack CD to "Tu Ridi" (Miramax) the official selection of the 1998
Venice Film Festival.  Nicola Piovani composed this music.

Pacific Time Entertainment Company, Inc. is a multi-media recording
publishing and film organization with offices in New York and Rome. The
company will also release music in the rock/pop/dance and world genres.