"The SWORD and the SORCERER" by David Whitaker

    This is the complete score to the cult 1982 fantasy/ adventure
starring Lee Horsley, Kathleen Beller, Richard Lynch as Cromwell and
Richard Moll as the Sorcerer. The score is full orchestral with a
memorable theme.

Track listing as follows:

        1. The Sword and The Sorcerer Overture
        2. Main Title/Tomb Island/Xusia Stabbed*
        3. Tavis' Death*/Battlefield*
        4. Black Sorcery/Kingdom of Eh-Dan
        5. Young Talon's Fight
        6. Talon and the Mercenaries*
        7. Xusia's Cave
        8. The Innkeeper
        9. Rebel Headquarters*/Alana's Rape*
        10. Alana's Theme
        11. Skull Cave*/Red Dragon/Fire
        12. The Rat Attack*
        13. The Bordello
        14. Castle Chase (Pts. 1* & 2)
        15. Talon vs. Cromwell*/The Fight in the Water*
        16. Elizabeth's Death
        17. Round Room Fight
        18. The Feast*
        19. Vows Exchanged*/Talon on the Cross*/The Rebellion Begins
        20. Transformation*
        21. Talon Kills Xusia (Not Used in Film)*
        22. Fight to the Death*/Aftermath*
        23. Love Theme/Epilogue/End Credits

*Previously unreleased music

Total CD running time: 69:23

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