Milan Records today releases Expats (Prime Video Original Series Soundtrack) by composer Alex Weston. Available everywhere now, the album features an original score written by Weston for the new six-part limited drama series directed by Lulu Wang following a group of expats living in Hong Kong. Combining gentle and beautiful piano melodies with rhythmic, energetic guitar and drum-led tracks, Weston has crafted a score that expertly accompanies the lives of the main characters and the community of Hong Kong locals they live alongside. Starring Nicole Kidman, Sarayu Blue, and Ji-young Yoo, Expats debuts its first two episodes today, with new episodes launching weekly until the finale on February 23, exclusively on Prime Video.

Of the score, composer Alex Weston says, "In our approach to the score for Expats, we tried to cultivate a sound that captured all of the nuances of this story, the character's external factors and internal lives. We wanted to capture their efforts to appear calm, composed, and resolved, despite overwhelming grief. We wanted to show the Hong Kong protestors and their love of the city, as we wanted to feel the weight of the humidity in the air. Thusly, the scores runs a wide gamut of styles, from lonely solo piano, more traditional chamber orchestral sections, atmospheric hazes of textures, through more energetic and aggressive pieces with guitar and drums."