Film & Television Music Seminars
Presented by the Guild of Canadian Film Composers
Montreal, Halifax, Vancouver, Edmonton,
Regina, Winnipeg and Toronto
April 11 - April 29, 2002
Info: 1-866-657-1117

The Guild of Canadian Film Composers presents THEY SHOOT WE SCORE, a national tour of one-day seminars produced for professional composers to address issues related to changes in the industry and the creation of a productive and progressive working environment for film and television music composers. This event is free, but participants must RSVP to or 1-866-657-1117, as space is limited.

THEY SHOOT WE SCORE is the Guild of Canadian Film Composers (GCFC) biggest and most comprehensive series of professional development seminars presented to date. At a time when business is rapidly changing, the GCFC will be discussing a combination of strategic initiatives that the Guild of Canadian Film Composers is taking to assist film and television composers, as well as bread-and-butter issues about how composers can best survive and thrive. Through THEY SHOOT WE SCORE, the GCFC will be visiting Canadian composers in Vancouver, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax. Composers from Victoria, Saskatoon, Calgary, St.Johns, St John, Quebec City, Hamilton, Ottawa, and other cities will be joining the discussion as well.

At THEY SHOOT WE SCORE, the Guild of Canadian Film Composers is taking a team of keynote speakers across the country to join panels of composers, lawyers, and SOCAN staff to hear personally from Canadian film composers about their concerns and problems, what their composing work environment is, and what professional tips composers may want to share with their colleagues.

The topics range from how to negotiate a contract (the GCFC composing contract framework will be distributed on a free CD-ROM), direct licensing and the broadcaster Modified Blanket License, maximizing SOCAN royalties, how to budget for projects (a GCFC spreadsheet will be demonstrated and be available free at, and the made-in-Canada AFM agreement, to how to promote ones self to get work, how to do the job, and how composers can make sure they get paid.

These seminar participants will discuss the new Guild of Canadian Film Composers certification as a collective bargaining unit for film and television composers under the Status of the Artist federal legislation. Also on the agenda is the upcoming Copyright Board hearings for television, and the closer relationships the GCFC is forging with other collectives.

Keynote speaker PAUL HOFFERT is an award-winning composer in all genres of music composition, performance and production. A leading music industry advocate, Hoffert is acknowledged for his contributions as Chair for the Guild of Canadian Film Composers, Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund, founder of CIRPA, former Chair of the Ontario Arts Council and former president of the Academy Of Canadian Cinema. His interests have led to the development of multimedia projects for Cultech Research Centre and Intercom Ontario, and teaching Digital Technologies for Music At York University, as well as research at Sheridan College. The author of two best-selling Digital Age books, Paul Hoffert was the recipient of the first Pixel New Media Industry and Visionary Award in 2001.

THEY SHOOT WE SCORE is presented across Canada as follows:

April 11: Montreal
Moderator: Pierre-Daniel Rheault
Contact: 514-844-8377 1-800-797-6226
Location: Hotel Renaissance Montreal, 3625 ave du Parc

April 13: Halifax
Moderator: Scott Macmillan
Contact: 902-455-6325
Location: Lord Nelson Hotel, 1515 South Park Street

April 20: Vancouver
Moderator: Simon Kendall
Contact: 604-669-5569 1-800-937-6226
Location: Simon Fraser University, Downtown Campus
515 West Hastings Street

April 21: Edmonton
Moderator: Jan Randall
Contact: 780-452-1036
Location: Delta Edmonton Centre Suite Hotel, 10222-102 Street

April 23: Regina
Moderator: Rob Bryanton
Contact: 306-537-3476
Location: Talking Dog Post & Sound Studios, 1212A Winnipeg Street

April 24: Winnipeg
Moderator: Tony Cyre AFM
Contact: 204-943-4803
Location: AFM Offices, 201-180 Market Ave. East

April 29: Toronto
Moderator: Glenn Morley
Contact: 416-410-5076 or 1-866-657-1117
Location: Arts and Letters Club, 14 Elm Street

The Guild of Canadian Film Composerís They Shoot We Score Film & Television Music Seminar Tour is made possible by the generous support of the Government of Canada, through the Department of Canadian Heritage's Canada Music Fund, Creators Assistance Program and the SOCAN Foundation, and presented in association with SOCAN, with the assistance of AFM.