Today, Milan Records releases two albums of music from Prime Video's new series My Lady Jane, including the show's original soundtrack of cover songs and an original score composed by Rael Jones. A witty revisionist take on Tudor history, My Lady Jane created a soundscape as unique as its storytelling by utilizing some of the UK's biggest up-and-coming female-fronted artists to cover iconic British songs in their own unique voice and style. My Lady Jane co-showrunners, Gemma Burgess and Meredith Glynn, state, "We love how the covers work in the show - they tell the audience this is England in the past, but not as you know it," when speaking about their choice to use music within the show.

With contributions from Black Honey, CHINCHILLA, Goat Girl, Griff, HotWax, Katy J Pearson, Lizzie Esau, Poppy Ajudha and Yonaka, the series' soundtrack puts a modern, fresh spin on classic rock anthems . Series music supervisor, Ciara Elwis, curated the female-fronted artists and explains, "The female characters in our show are often not treated with any respect or given the place in the world that they deserve, but they don't let that get to them they're constantly fighting for something more. I think all of the artists we've used have that feel in their vocals, of taking up space and refusing to back down. The songs aren't 'nice', they've all got a bite to them, which is what we really love about Jane too."

Meanwhile, composer Rael Jones delivers an anachronistic original score, blending the period's music and orchestral instrumentation with modern rock production. Paired with the contemporary cover songs, the result is a musical universe as distinct as the onscreen story and its alt-fantasy world.

Of the soundtrack, composer Rael Jones says, "Our goal on My Lady Jane was to combine period music with modern rock in an interesting and cool way. We have rock riffs blasting out on hurdy gurdy, viol and lute. String orchestra and woodwind co-exist with heavy drums, bass and crunchy guitars. I came onto the project early, before shooting began, and wrote many themes for the picture edit team to work to. You can hear some of this in the album - the first 19 tracks were written either without picture, or alongside early versions of it. These themes were then refined and crafted alongside the show. We had a blast making it and hope that you love it too."

All eight episodes of My Lady Jane are now available exclusively on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide.