INTRADA Presents:

Composed and Conducted by Elmer Bernstein
INTRADA Special Collection Volume 6

INTRADA announces the release of not one, but two Elmer Bernstein scores on one CD: 20th Century Fox's THE STORY ON PAGE ONE (1959) and THE REWARD (1965). Both scores are released for the first time as part of the INTRADA Special Collection. Primarily a courtroom drama, THE STORY ON PAGE ONE tells the impassioned story of a wife and her lover on trial for the murder of her husband. PAGE ONE is scored for full orchestra, and features a powerful, dynamic main title which includes twin pianos and percussion in a forceful highlight. Two thematic ideas recur throughout the score—both conceived from the same idea. The first blossoms into the primary love theme, the other represents the stark world of lawyers and courthouses. Scored economically, it's classic 1950s Bernstein scored in the same period he composed the stunning KING'S GO FORTH and SOME CAME RUNNING.

In contrast to the larger scale THE STORY ON PAGE ONE, THE REWARD is primarily scored for guitars and flute with a few woodwinds, cellos and basses filling out the orchestral palette. Unconventional, yet undeniably Elmer Bernstein. THE REWARD itself is the price on the head of an American who is rongly accused of murder and is on the run in Mexico. Bernstein also wrote a number of flute solos for several characters who play the instrument on screen, as well as several melodies played on various solo instruments. The latter appear as bonus tracks at the end of the CD.

The CD was produced by Douglass Fake and Nick Redman, with liner notes by Jon Burlingame.
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Available Exclusively from INTRADA and select soundtrack retailers: August 2002