Los Angeles, CA – August 12, 2002 - Sonic Mayhem has released "Music for Visual Media," a promotional CD which showcases new work and highlights tracks from previous releases, such as the Playstation™ game, James Bond "Tomorrow Never Dies" and the wildly popular PC game, Quake III Arena™.

"Music for Visual Media" exposes the impressive production capabilities of Sonic Mayhem founder, Sascha Dikiciyan. Dikiciyan, a music producer and professional sound designer, has gained notoriety for his work in James Bond™ along with the Quake series - II, III and various mission packs. He followed up his work for Quake III™ with the release of "Quake III Arena Noise," a soundtrack that included new tracks in addition to music found in the game. Sonic's use of a unique blend of underground beats, electronica and rock quickly garnered the attention of fans and producers alike.

"The evolution of orchestral, ambient and electronic music in my work is more evident on this new CD then on any previous release," remarks Dikiciyan. After spending the last year developing a critically acclaimed sample CD line (the Noize Loops series), Dikiciyan is ready to continue his work in games and to branch out to other media.

"So far the response to Noize Loops, Rex Noize and the site, www.noizeloops.com has been very encouraging. It provides evidence that there is a market and appreciation for quality music production," notes Dikiciyan. "It's important to me that I maintain that level of quality in all of the music I produce and push the boundaries for any game, film or television project that I may work on."

Sonic Mayhem is launching a redesigned web site to coincide with the release of "Music for Visual Media" and has signed with a new firm for representation. The new site, designed by Steve Gerdes of Solid Design, highlights Sonic Mayhem's work and is packed with music samples. Solid has designed a number of packages for Sonic Mayhem, including the new release.

The collaborative partnership between the two companies has evolved to an arrangement for representation. "We've had such a wonderful experience working with Sascha because of his energy, creativity and professionalism," says Brenda J. Walker, Solid marketing director. "We're very excited about promoting Sonic Mayhem to entertainment and advertising industry professionals. We believer our experience marketing music will serve us well in spreading the word on Sascha's tremendous talent."

The tracks from "Music for Visual Media" and other music produced by Sonic Mayhem are available as downloads on www.sonicmayhem.com. Game, television, film and advertising professionals or press can receive a copy free of charge by emailing booking@sonicmayhem.com or calling Brenda J. Walker at 866-293-2932. For more on Solid Design, visit www.solidesign.org.