Film Score Monthly's new limited edition CDs feature excellent symphonic scores by two high-profile composers:

Silver Age Classics: THE GREEN BERETS

The Green Berets (1968) was the first major Hollywood production to address the Vietnam War, starring John Wayne as the leader of an elite squadron of American troops. The film was based on the semi-factual book by Robin Moore and is still controversial today for its staunchly pro-war attitude.

Scoring The Green Berets was a legendary composer of Hollywood's Golden Age: Miklos Rozsa. Rozsa treated the film as "an eastern" (in his words), writing bold melodies and stirring suspense in its own inimitible style. He enlisted a variety of Asian instruments to capture the local
color, but by and large the score is straight-ahead symphonic and Rozsa "all the way!"

FSM's premiere CD of The Green Berets features the complete score in stereo, including the recording of Barry Sadler's "Ballad of the
Green Berets" made for the main and end credits. (The "Ballad" was selected prior to Rozsa's involvement, but the composer did not use it at all in his interior score.)

Golden Age Classics: SCARAMOUCHE

Scaramouche (1952) was the last major Hollywood adaptation of a story by Rafael Sabatini, the early 20th century novelist responsible for some of the greatest adventures ever filmed (and scored), including Captain Blood and The Sea Hawk. The film is a classic swashbuckler starring Stewart Granger, Eleanor Parker and Janet Leigh in pre-revolutionary France.

Scoring Scaramouche was a Golden Age stalwart seldom represented on CD: Victor Young. Young (1900-1956) was a prolific composer with a particular gift for melody and he delivered an armful of them for Scaramouche. The score also features galloping action, moody suspense, heroic fanfares and charming, Renaissance-styled theater music.

Although originally recorded in stereo, Scaramouche is presented in complete form in the best possible monaural sound, as the stereo
reels were discarded in the 1960s. Bonus tracks of alternate and unused cues follow the main program.

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