FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                       June 21, 1999

                                   GIANT RECORDS RELEASES SOUNDTRACK TO

                                                       "OUTSIDE PROVIDENCE"

                                                        Album features classic rock
                         from The Eagles, The Who, Paul McCartney and Wings and Steely Dan

On August 24, Giant Records will release the soundtrack to Outside Providence, a new Miramax
comedy written by the Farrelly brothers (There's Something About Mary, Dumb and Dumber) and 
Michael Corrente (American Buffalo), who also directed the film.  Set in the early 1970's, the film 
stars Shawn Hatosy as Timothy  Dunphy, or "Dildo," as his father (played by Alec Baldwin) calls
 him.  Dunphy spends his daze, uh days, taking bong hits, drinking beers and suffering constant
 insults from his blue collar dad.  When a pot-filled night of cruising ends with Dunphy crashing into
 a parked police car, his father ships him off to a posh prep school to learn life's lessons.  The
 question is, can the upper crust  handle this toasted teen?

In keeping with the film's groovy sights and sounds, the Outside Providence soundtrack boasts
 the biggest hits of the early 1970's: "Won't Get Fooled Again" (The Who),  "Band on the Run" 
(Paul McCartney and Wings), "Take It Easy" (The Eagles), "Do You Know What I Mean" (Lee 
Michaels), "I'd Love To Change The World" (Ten Years After),  "Do It Again" (Steely Dan), "Long 
Train Runnin' " (The Doobie Brothers), "All Right Now" (Free), "Roundabout" (Yes),  "Dancin' in
 the Moonlight" (King Harvest), "No Matter What" (Badfinger) and "Free Bird" (Lynyrd Skynyrd).  
Talk about timeless!

"We're thrilled to be involved with the Farrelly brothers and Michael Corrente, who are among
 the most talented filmakers around," commented Larry Jacobson, General Manager of Giant
 Records.  "Outside Providence is one of those sweet and funny films that keeps you laughing 
and makes you feel good.  The soundtrack could not be better.  It captures both the film's
 period and spirit, embodying, as it does, songs that have truly stood the test of time by some
 of  the greatest artists of the past thirty years."

"We were really excited about this project after seeing the film," said Giant Records' Head of 
A&R Jeff Aldrich.  "We knew that the possibilities involved in putting together a great soundtrack
 were endless-especially given its time period.  Working with Michael Corrente, who is very 
music savvy and open to ideas, we were able to create a compendium of early '70's rock.."

Says Peter Afterman, (Private Parts, The Apostle, Godzilla), the film's music supervisor:  "I 
loved the script and had never done a soundtrack using this kind of music before, even though
 I know that era so intimately.  I was in college in the '70's and listened to a lot of music, so 
these songs brought back a lot of great memories for me. I wanted this soundtrack to be a
 really special collection of early '70's songs and I think we accomplished that."

The Outside Providence soundtrack will be in stores on August 24, while the much anticipated 
film hits theaters nationwide on September 3, 1999

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